Jonathon Barwick is what happens when you let a rock-star ego perpetuate in it’s own orbit before exposing it to a critical dose of reality all but a moment too soon.


Being born on a small isolated Australian island state known as Tasmania never once dulled JB’s imagination as exposure to the sights and sounds of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and CCR carved neural pathways that remain to this day.

Much like a conservative political party leaflet warning of the slippery slope of fun narcotics – JB’s musical taste progressed into heavier territory in high school – all of his time was spent worshipping at the altar of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Iron Maiden.

By 2006 at the tender age of 17 his band, Taberah, were regularly playing shows around Tasmania on a “don’t ask about our age and we won’t tell you” basis with promoters and publicans. The capricious beast of teenage confusion amplified by public affirmation set the tone for Jonathon’s next 11 years.


Taberah’s resume is a decent read for a heavy metal fan. Looking back, it could even be said that Jonathon wasn’t entirely delusional – if Lemmy Kilmister hand picked your band to open for Motorhead you’d probably believe you were onto something too.

After many tastes of the big stage in Australia alongside the high calibre likes of Blind Guardian, Nightwish and Hammerfall – as well enough independent tours around Australia’s east coast to attain irrefutable evidence that – Jonathon simply had a call to creative and geographical adventure that was not being met.

Nowadays, Jonathon finds himself on a mission to accomplish nought but to write as many songs as possible and share them by the fastest means necessary. All for the sake of the simple joys the creative process brings and to sate his imagination by bringing it to life through stories.